Darker as it gets
When the sun sets
Try not Thinking in the many few
Eyes get damper as the morning dew

The fast pace slows down
As the sun bows down
Gathering crowd
A dancer feeling proud
Dancing ablaze
The dusk colored glaze
Clouds puffing up 
With stars cuddling on top.
Shadow embraces
The light leaving traces
Scars go unseen
Pretense stays hidden.
Moon stares
Darkness flares
Layers of raging charm
Yet forever warm

Sparkling eyes
Gets a glimpse through the sidewalk
A sturdy stalk
Giggling while they talk
A nascent mewl
Dozing off the stool
One last bite
Cooling off a fight
Distances merge
Paying heed to the last urge
A distinct quiver
Climbing the ladder
Strength wakens
When Night Darkens

There is morning tomorrow
So better live up to your sorrow
The night teaches
While struggle screeches
Dare not weep
Cause sleep generally pushes you to dreams too deep
Wait but not longer.
The delay is  not making you any stronger...


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