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The Story Of An Untold Paradise Kandarpur: Summers - Go Fish !

    The temperatures were rising, maybe a 100 to a 120 fahrenheit, the expression across the state of Odisha was that, "It's Hot !", while somewhere around 11.8 miles from Cuttack, things were looking otherwise for this one house out of 150 other houses. The reason wasn't good food, or great air conditioner, nor great entertainment gadgets, the reason was the experience of a lifetime.    For my Ajja ( Mom's father), what made him chirpier than usual were his kids and grand kids around his ranch during summer, the ranch, that he had built as a dream, thinking that some day in future, all his kids will stay there and would have enough room for additional innovations, if necessary. ( The things parents do for love..)   My Ajja was always an early riser since the days of his engineering education tenure, to when he joined the Indian Railways and served as a lead engineer for around 40-50 years of his entire career. (Respect to that level of dedication) To be honest, y


Looking at me as she bursts Into Laughter..
My heart catches her twinkling little eyes.
What more am I Searching for..something pokes me inside..
When I have eternity on my fingers grasp.
Innocence Tied Onto me like glue..
But Sometimes the nightmare of separation gets me into despair.

Impatient Waves hitting the shore as they roar tonight..
In the midst of Dusk..
Giving the sky a look so pious.
Where the spell of sunset gets envious.
Even though it makes you calm..
The Silence is going to darken with the night's charm.

What will make me Happy is everyone's ask..
When sitting right beside you is your 
righteous bask..
You can't hold it longer..
But it definitely makes you younger.
Like kittens and puppies rolling all over..While you roll with them...
Avoid slipping on your back with the thud.. 

then Don't you start searching for a whole new world..

It's a meticulous desire to play with fire..
With no burning sensation until the day you turn to ashes..
The wish to fly without wings..
While you Jump  down the mountain with strings ..
Lots of wishes lined up one after the other..
With the one less satisfying than another.

Careful as Happiness can be a dead end..
Which once attained will break but not mend..
When that laughter comes in , or your hands feel the touch..
You  make your way up the sky, or you love someone till you die..
You kiss someone with a vow, or you hug someone never to let them go..
There it is ....what you have been looking for..
Happiness followed by eternal bliss..
But you will feel it's presence only if that's what you Miss..


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