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Dogs greet, everytime, they meet, they meet, everytime, like the first time, pushing their, wet nose against you, to play, everytime an urge to, rush and stay.. while sleeping, when aproached, their tail, would still keep dancing, while digging their, sniffs onto their toys, they come to you, all jumpy and pouncing, with eyes seeking, approvals... They keep you protected, in a manner like, no one else, they check if you are okay, and follow you, to a cave or, a shabby mess.. They make requests, which even though, hit rejects, doesn't end up, reflecting stature, rubbing themselves, all over you, they sit alongside, as if they are, always ready for the ride, whenever... If it's late, They wait, If it's hate, They relate, If it's tears, They seek to distract.. Trust me, At some point they do, Have the power to read your mind.. They come to check, On you at night, They always acknowledge, That you are right, Your daughter just adores it's presence, Even though more ofte


I get tired of smiling at times..
Heart raging with anger but struggle to utter a single word of profanity..
Loved someone till death but that someone couldn’t risk his freedom ..
Every moment seems to be an illusion as I want to be me but couldn’t be..nobody wants to see the real me..

With despair I run far away from truth to pursue me harder..
Only to risk my life with loneliness.
Is this what we call life…I live every day as they say ..
Carving thoughts out of clouds , singing in the rain, wiping the window pane,humming with the bird while walking down the meadows..
Chasing the sunset ..splashing water running along the shore..
Lying right next to him talking through the night till the sun lights up his face..
Knowing days will pass by but no wishes to fear.
Look what I become where wants haunt me ..and desire lures me keeping me on my toes never letting me breathe the fresh air..
It’s not who I am..running just makes this worse


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