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2 AM Morning : Haunted Thoughts

I hear a howl Look out the window Find a shadow that calls Close my eyes shut Stay steady Breathing heavy.. Trying to flee while the howling haunts Gathered courage Starting to walk into the dark Where all things except you talk It's like the trees are staring down And the roads push you backwards So no matter how much forward you go You find yourself back at the same place Am I even walking right ? Your heart beats louder than the noiseless night Some car screeches at the background Echoing through the vacuum Is someone hurt ? There are looks in the dark That only books have spoken about There are looks behind you That only sniffing can rat you out The thought of being followed The thought of seeing the shadow of someone you don't want to.. Keep looking Don't be afraid Says the mind While your heart keeps saying Go home, and stay blind throughout the rest of tonight.. Speak to no one until asked Coz weak is never alone to be tasked The door closes on you Wondering why it c

The Last Breathe

As I walked past a flower bed of blooming buds couldn't help but smile..
My toes felt the broken strap unable to withstand my body weight luckily getting caught by his arms like the new guy in your life holding you tight enough to not let you go only to realize that the grasp cannot last forever..

The fall leaves knocking at my bare foot with a rustling noise notifying  that they will be gone for a while now making sure if I will be around the next time they are here..

Two pairs of innocent eyes catching my glance as they try their first kiss next to a dancing gnome...thinking about which caresses my mind as a young bliss..

Never got provoked by the thought that there will be a day when you trudge back all by yourself experiencing a lot of echo due to the emptiness.

Close to my heart is the day his pinkish presence made me cry at the same time my soul had never felt so strong as I designated myself as the protective warrior of the innocent being till eternity..

This made the  rain drops  flock  around me reminding the drenching hours spent tasting those drops before letting them touch my face , as I splashed my way through the sidewalk with muddy shoes and a glowing face..

It feels like yesterday !

The road to my house never seemed  so distant enough for me that I would quit running towards the doorstep..

But today it feels so..

Jumping to and fro on the staircase filling my mouth with my favorite pie was my mom ..

Will she still be standing there ??

Ahh !!!..the tears show up on my face .You try to avoid them and here they are.

They always come for a reason.

"You have started forgetting stuff",said my grandson yesterday.I laugh back looking at my son who doesn't even feel the need to wish me on my birthday..

It sounded like a car screech on the road making me realize that life should give us the intended jerks as we all get comfortable and used to the speed..
That ways  when finally people expect you to slow down and pretend withered it will not come to you as a surprise ..

The blooming buds still looked at me as the sun started to flare up .
It's time to get up and head back the long tedious road..
Only to find out that I caught my last breathe last night with the fall leaves getting ready for Winter.


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