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Dogs greet, everytime, they meet, they meet, everytime, like the first time, pushing their, wet nose against you, to play, everytime an urge to, rush and stay.. while sleeping, when aproached, their tail, would still keep dancing, while digging their, sniffs onto their toys, they come to you, all jumpy and pouncing, with eyes seeking, approvals... They keep you protected, in a manner like, no one else, they check if you are okay, and follow you, to a cave or, a shabby mess.. They make requests, which even though, hit rejects, doesn't end up, reflecting stature, rubbing themselves, all over you, they sit alongside, as if they are, always ready for the ride, whenever... If it's late, They wait, If it's hate, They relate, If it's tears, They seek to distract.. Trust me, At some point they do, Have the power to read your mind.. They come to check, On you at night, They always acknowledge, That you are right, Your daughter just adores it's presence, Even though more ofte

Baby Time

Now that I am experiencing motherhood , I do feel sometimes the urge to hold this time beneath my closed fist and never let it go..
But Then I realize even my mom would have thought the same at some point but still she helped me be what I am today and I am more than grateful to her..
On a funny note these days I am caught singing a lot of songs to my baby , thought of sharing some with you guys , so that maybe all the new mommies out there can give their babies  a tight hug and hum along these simple little lullabies instead of holding them on to your smartphones ..
as I wish all the new born mommies all the best and though its a bumpy ride but make every moment worth it for you and your baby..


My Cute Little Nim Sleep Tight ,
Don't you fight
Let Your lovely eyes go dim..
With The Thought Of A Sweet Dream..
You need to get up to catch an early Flight.
To Visit Your Granny And Nanna..
Who are waiting for you 
will soon have loads of laps to fill
To break free and go all glee
Lot of open arms for you to flee..
Sleep Tight ...
Don't you Fight..

Sweet dreams My Little bunny Nim..
Dream of relishing an Icecream..
Dream of a House Made of Chocolate Cake
Biting on and on as more gets baked..
Dream Of a Swing 
will make you fly like you had real wings
Dream Of a butterfly with the shape of a bow
having all colors like a rainbow..
Dream of  cuddling with papa and mommy..
to make them run as if having fun all day long..
while pretty fairies jump around you as you sleep along .


You will walk on your own and talk on your own,
But you will always be our little baby Nimoo.
You will sing on your own and Dance on Your Own..'
But You will always be our little baby Nimoo..
You will go to school have loads of Friends..
But You will always always be our little baby Nimoo..
Cause You are so Adorable , you are our only precious one..
I pray to God to bless you and love you 
As You are Our Precious little baby Nimoo..

Bath Time

Ishy fishy Wishy fish..
make a wish to make it true today
fishy fish will wash you clean
while wishy fish will make you happy
As you walk fresh into another day 
hopping your way to play
as fishy fish kisses you a Fun Filled Day..


Nim is a shining star twinkling twinkling star
She never cries always always happy..
When she will grow up she will be the brightest star
She will make us proud..
We all will be happy
 and she will be all flappy..


Sourav said…
Nice Work Mommy.... :)

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