Come What May

There comes a day when you sit all alone
And think why loneliness chose you...
Pretending hard to smile,
Which to show up takes a long while..

There comes a day when you burst into tears
Still assuming someone will hurry up to wipe it all 
Stopping every now and then ,
Only to find out it merged into the horizon..

There comes a day when you feel cheated
Betrayal makes you feel defeated
Time heals the wear and tear ,
Still reflecting the deepest scars within

There comes a day you get insulted.
Some day will earn back respect atleast..
Well then someone didn't tell you....
life is at its worst..When you are expecting the least.

Don't regret the day when you trusted,
Feel grateful that fate got it all busted..

As You trudge another day,
Just be sure nothing stays alike Come What May...


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