A little girl loves to watch her frock go swirling in the air..,
as she dances to the tune of her favorite pair,
looking at her bunny shoes every now and then she hops on the floor,
Her mother can't take her eyes off her,
smiles as she peeks standing next to the wooden door...

A young lad thrilled to get his day off for a fishing spree,
as he gathers bait and grabs the fishing rod from the attic,
A dusty book got his attention, real time fishing tricks penned down by his dad as a kid,
wearing his hat now he marches out with a pumped out chest and a skillful mind,
His dad gazing through the window as his own portrait walks down their courtyard lane..

The power of inheritance is a gesture of pride..,
Where eyes start watering inevitably when two worlds collide.
This law of nature can easily turn a blind eye to failure,
As there will always be a moment in future where standing in front of you will be your own stature...


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