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6 Questions & One Answer with 40-year-old Indian Woman Author of Innocent Thoughts: Her Latest Book Series

A candid interview of my JustUtter's recently released  book series "Innocent Thoughts"  to let readers know more about, not only why you should read the book on a daily basis, but also how you should make a commitment to your inner self to empower it in the longer run by giving time to nurture to these innocent thoughts. Available In India!! 1. What is "Innocent Thoughts" about ? Innocent Thoughts, book series is about those emotions that are troubling one self, those emotions that cannot be shared with anyone and everyone, those emotions that question you, the essence of life and our purpose in it. Life, Love, Loss, Travel, Fate, Childhood, Mornings, Innocence, Heartbreak, Friendship, and You, Yourself are part of these thoughts, so you should learn to empower them from within. 2. Why do you think people will read it? I feel people will read it, not just for a day, they will read it every time they feel lonely, rejected, unsuccessful, or in love, o


There is a path where we all travel alone,
You follow someone until one day that someone becomes a no one..
The light which leads you through the path is a myth,
There is darkness and treachery  underneath the sheath.

Sometimes you do the people way and at times the other way,
Until you finally learn to persuade..
You strive for a companion throughout 
Even when you find many until 
You decide you don't need any..

In the beginning you kept account for each and every step,
After which you heedlessly skipped a lot of steps..
Your pace dragged you into a blind diversion..
And suddenly you discover a path of illusion.

You narrow down your ways and the path becomes steeper,
You have become weak and the weak have become stronger..

The journey slows down and that someone whom you followed is nowhere to be found..
Your close associates have sufficed to those who cared for their presence..

You are left out wandering for a distinct essence..

Walking and humming along into another epic of success...


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