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Women should think about a mother a sister a daughter a wife a doctor a lawyer an engineer a carpenter a home maker a care giver a house keeper a gardener a chef a spiritual spirit a believer a lover a friend a scientist a professor a teacher a student a farmer a traveler a salesperson a banker a sex worker a pilot a victim a criminal  all persona's who they identify with, not just for the ones, who belong to their family, but all the ones who they see, read about and meet regularly, don't just live in a vicious circle, made by the women that you know, understand the women that you don't, try not to pin point their mistakes, try understanding their point of view, don't just poke fun by insulting their hue, try standing along with them in a similar queue, try putting them ahead of you, don't just ride in the darkness of pride, try lighting the backdrop of an innocent side. *pic courtesy: Canva Happy Women's Day ❤️

Speechless Moon

Some stories and incidents in life are exciting , some are delightful,some make us cry,some just make us roll over the floor laughing.But only some stories which come your way touch your heart and soul.
     I imagine stories and i am always a part of my own stories, there has never been a story without me.Its just that i need to be a dweller in the castle where the king and queen reside , or where the princess falls asleep and is awakened  by a charming prince ,so every story has to have me in it.

Friends finally i have completed  working on this story , of Speechless Moon ,a night which had an effect on both the lives .

As I got interrupted by our office coffee machine's loud hissing noise , i suddenly realized was still working with my eyes wide open .... Checked the time was past 11 , was awake to achieve some trigger in the graphical analysis for our Client 's online ad campaign , the report which constitutes more of assumption and less of consumption. Rubbing off the sleep from my eyes , was struggling to get back to my desk . The Smoking Hot coffee was the only attraction at this moment which was dragging me to my desk to dig my eyes into the reports.

While trying to concentrate, I overheard our sleepy Tinku Bhai
-our office caretaker talking to someone "arey aap hi ka office hai , saahab (The office is all yours master)...", this made me leave my desk again and go to our reception corner ,wanting to collect data for my personal database which kind of gets fascinated by the unusual stuff rather than the usual one .. That's why these days some media channels believe in creating unusual news if they don't have one in store..because unusual news any day will attract an over enthusiast mob.
On my way , the over enthusiast me hungry for gossip just before reaching destination got so excited , that I started to run resulting the collision of myself with a human body .. Didn't even realize who it was until I confronted the body ... With the anger on my face only to turn over and confront a calm gentleman smiling at me...

Hi Tiksha How are you doing ??
( It was Daksh , he was an ex-employee and a good old friend of mine from  the same company.It had been a while since we were in touch with each other any more and yes  to mention he was very much in love with  his Dhanno, the nickname for the girl whom he dated and we used to tease him by calling him by this name , on a serious note the girl's name was Henna .
 P.S. she was not a friend of mine )

Want to read what happens next with Tiksha & Daksh ????..Please visit 
 my short stories collectionSpeechlessMoon "


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