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Will You Love Me The Same?

If I told you I am older Will you love me the same way If I told you I am a cold person Will you love me the same way If I told you all that I haven't told anyone yet Will you love me the same way If I told you I get depressed pretty often Will you hold me the same way If I told you I cannot impress anyone everyday Will you spend time with me the same way If I told you I can be pretty challenging  If I told you I am aging and there are wrinkles under my skin that I hide with makeup If I told you I am not adjusting and don't talk to anyone if I don't have to If I told you I don't dress up on days and eat cereals from the box in a messy way Will you be with me the same way Are you still listening or you have run away If I told you I don't forget easy And can stalk you for days making you feel uneasy If I told you I can be dangerously hunting insects And can jump in muddy water for hours If I told you I am not afraid of blood And I can fight until I hear the sound go t

I Like

Sometimes I Like.......

Sometimes i like hiding from myself ,
sitting  in my closet where the world can't reach me .
Standing underneath the shower all drenched ,with closed eyes ,
without any thought pinching me .
Where i can see only me....

Sometimes i like the poignant shore ,
my feet in the sand going deeper,as i feel the waves .
The celestial waves which come rushing upto you ,
as wants in our lives when fulfilled , never cease to want more.
Where i can see how greedy i am....

Sometimes i like the hush sky,
my eyes often catch the glimpse of the bustling clouds,
they  blend onto each other  to form a whopping one.
As our hopes crowding us gradually  rises to a lot of expectations.
Where i can see my hopes piling up....

Sometimes i like the little birds chirping on my window,
gazing at them makes my heart filled with joy ,
hopping together in the cherry tree,
slicing food with tiny beaks among their fellow mates,
as often do we forget to share and spare time for our friends who meant a lot for us one day,
Where i can see the friends i missed out....

Sometimes i like the rains,
the downpour which makes the splashing tip tap noise ,
which shuts all other sounds rambling within ourselves,
what remains is the silence and calmness of the water while it touches the earth,
the sight of  blooming flowers twittering with their smiling flair,
Where i can smell the simplicity and innocence of the inner me.......


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