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Dogs greet, everytime, they meet, they meet, everytime, like the first time, pushing their, wet nose against you, to play, everytime an urge to, rush and stay.. while sleeping, when aproached, their tail, would still keep dancing, while digging their, sniffs onto their toys, they come to you, all jumpy and pouncing, with eyes seeking, approvals... They keep you protected, in a manner like, no one else, they check if you are okay, and follow you, to a cave or, a shabby mess.. They make requests, which even though, hit rejects, doesn't end up, reflecting stature, rubbing themselves, all over you, they sit alongside, as if they are, always ready for the ride, whenever... If it's late, They wait, If it's hate, They relate, If it's tears, They seek to distract.. Trust me, At some point they do, Have the power to read your mind.. They come to check, On you at night, They always acknowledge, That you are right, Your daughter just adores it's presence, Even though more ofte

When Love Knocks At Your Door

Its Very True When Somebody Said that ....

"If you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it's not enough."

Here is a thought for you people who are already in love and also for those
who haven't fallen in love yet......

Its the time when All Of Us Are the Most Innocent ....And Very Much In Love....
Even I came to know When for the first time....

Love Knocked At My Door

Past 12 , on a Winter Night ,
talking to someone on phone was a usual Delight.
That night everything seemed to be Intolerant ,
noisy chilly wind outside as well as the heart beats within all quiet Impatient.

Life will never be the same after that Day,

future had predicted to travel separate Way.
So i had made up my mind , to enjoy every Moment ,
the other side was absorbed in deep Lament .

"I need to say something important" he said with a voice which sooner did Fade,
had always imagined this day ever since a Decade.
Felt the urge to wait ,though it was too Late.

As all were having their sound sleep ....

He was now out , in the chilly Weather ,
it was freezing ...i could hear him Shiver.

Still fumbling with words ,like a new guitarist playing wrong Chords.
Tears filled my eyes .....pinched myself hard as i heard those words Thrice.

It happened all of a sudden ,but couldn't help myself from flying to Cloud Seven.
To be far from each other , no more made us Dull,
In that beautiful path,we knew being far was not a big Hurdle .
Life went on ........and time has made us come Closer,
We laughed , we cried , we fought ...but we are Alwa
ys Together .

Today There comes A smile on my face ,

When Sitting Next To Him, I still remember

The Angelic Day When Love Knocked At My Door .........

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Sourav said…
A very lovely poem from the most lovely and cute lady i ever met :)

Lots of Love

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