Innocent Thought

Innocent Thought !!!

Till the day you depart , remember you will always be innocent at heart .
Why give trouble to those people ?
who knew not to be humble .
Why try to be cruel ?
because within you only kindness dwell.
Why cheat the world ?
you were born to be different from the crowd .

Why be flaky about money and luxury ?
when living with it is just another kind of misery .
Why be just a spectator?
When others don't seem much of a protector .
Why another cloud in the vast sky .... ?
ready to shower untimely rain ,but forgets to absorb the pain .

Be a shore to block the strongest of waves ,
A light of hope in the darkest of caves ,

This is the world were great revolutions were fought....

Step up ....initiate rain in this drought .
So You will ne
ver cease to believe in one's Innocent Thought .....

As its the only treasure an individual has got

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