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6 Questions & One Answer with 40-year-old Indian Woman Author of Innocent Thoughts: Her Latest Book Series

A candid interview of my JustUtter's recently released  book series "Innocent Thoughts"  to let readers know more about, not only why you should read the book on a daily basis, but also how you should make a commitment to your inner self to empower it in the longer run by giving time to nurture to these innocent thoughts. Available In India!! 1. What is "Innocent Thoughts" about ? Innocent Thoughts, book series is about those emotions that are troubling one self, those emotions that cannot be shared with anyone and everyone, those emotions that question you, the essence of life and our purpose in it. Life, Love, Loss, Travel, Fate, Childhood, Mornings, Innocence, Heartbreak, Friendship, and You, Yourself are part of these thoughts, so you should learn to empower them from within. 2. Why do you think people will read it? I feel people will read it, not just for a day, they will read it every time they feel lonely, rejected, unsuccessful, or in love, o

Innocent Thought

Innocent Thought !!!

Till the day you depart , remember you will always be innocent at heart .
Why give trouble to those people ?
who knew not to be humble .
Why try to be cruel ?
because within you only kindness dwell.
Why cheat the world ?
you were born to be different from the crowd .

Why be flaky about money and luxury ?
when living with it is just another kind of misery .
Why be just a spectator?
When others don't seem much of a protector .
Why another cloud in the vast sky .... ?
ready to shower untimely rain ,but forgets to absorb the pain .

Be a shore to block the strongest of waves ,
A light of hope in the darkest of caves ,

This is the world were great revolutions were fought....

Step up ....initiate rain in this drought .
So You will ne
ver cease to believe in one's Innocent Thought .....

As its the only treasure an individual has got

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