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The Story Of An Untold Paradise Kandarpur: Summers - Go Fish !

    The temperatures were rising, maybe a 100 to a 120 fahrenheit, the expression across the state of Odisha was that, "It's Hot !", while somewhere around 11.8 miles from Cuttack, things were looking otherwise for this one house out of 150 other houses. The reason wasn't good food, or great air conditioner, nor great entertainment gadgets, the reason was the experience of a lifetime.    For my Ajja ( Mom's father), what made him chirpier than usual were his kids and grand kids around his ranch during summer, the ranch, that he had built as a dream, thinking that some day in future, all his kids will stay there and would have enough room for additional innovations, if necessary. ( The things parents do for love..)   My Ajja was always an early riser since the days of his engineering education tenure, to when he joined the Indian Railways and served as a lead engineer for around 40-50 years of his entire career. (Respect to that level of dedication) To be honest, y

Innocent Thoughts Abt Our Epitome Of Strength.. Mother !!!!

Mother !!!!! , the most beautiful as well as painful creation
of God .
She is the one who suffers the most , when her kid takes birth , when they grow up , when they are in college , when they get married and so on throughout her life , She is for Her kid always .Just one call..... be it mom , ma, mummy .......and their She is standing in front of you as God's savior always ready to take all the problems from her kids and in return give all the happiness and they are the true incarnation of what we call .....
selfless , undisputed ,natural "LOVE ".

This thought came into my mind on March 10th ,2004 ,it was her birthday and she is really an important part in my life and you guys will agree with this . Mother daughter relationship is a very unique relationship .They both argue a lot with each other because they both love and care for each other the most .A girl can always relate to her mother's pain, laughter and almost every emotion very well than anyone else , because in her future even she will go through the same just as the famous quote here says ....

Ah! I r
emember the day when i saw your
face so sweet ,
remember the day when i held your
hands so soft ....,
remember the days when you did
every sort of trick to make me eat.

Remember the days when i used to fall ill,
you sat the whole day beside the bed calm and still.

Remember the days when i came late ,

and saw you with worried looks right in front of the gate .

Remember the days when you wiped off your tears ,
and broke out into cheers !!!!!
Remember the days when you tried to sort out every trouble ,
so that in future we never fumble .

I hereby bow down before you , and will not thank you rather ....

For you are next to God

My Beautiful Mother .


Unknown said…
Nice one and very true!
Mother is the best creation ever made by God.

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