Often when we are ready to start a new life , that is after college , we feel slightly scared .Before this , we were always surrounded by friends , any problem , or any idea to share with , friends always used to be there . So when this time of separation comes in anybody's life , i am sure they feel the twinge of it .I am sure many of you who are reading this will have a reminiscence of this time .The day ,when you know that its the end of your good times ,you feel once again to get a chance to go back to your past and utilize it to the fullest extent .
This Innocent thought had come to me when we had just three months to leave college .I could somehow feel , that life after this is not going to be easier .It was really difficult for me to realize the fact that i will be all alone struggling for my existence without a friend .But i couldn't help ,as everybody have to leave I felt that the innocent bonding which i had with my friend was not less than a bewitched relationship which i feared loosing .

As Time Pass By ............I cherish the day ,

When sitting beside my friend ...i felt "Why This Life Has To End ?"
Innocent Thoughts 56
I had made a wish let the moment lengthen ,

i know not whether my wish was granted .......
But with my friend i felt totally enchanted.

All for a while ........then lifetime Exile ....

Now everything is undergoing a change ,
maybe relationships are of limited Range .
                                             There is bitterness in every taste ,
the time spent together seems to be all waste .
Waiting with eyes laid on the day of separation ,
with a little or rather no sign of desperation .
The Enchantment is loosing its power .....

with no zeal to bloom into a flower .
The magic 's all gone and withered away........

as Farewell to each other we say .

Memories will always be there ........
and you are the one i will always care .

Future is a Truth which we can't skip ,

But Thank You For The Magical Trip

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Sourav said…
One always tends to realize the actual importance of a particular period or person when the same has gone by... so cherish each and every moment...
Innocent Thoughts rocks! :)

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