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2 AM Morning : Haunted Thoughts

I hear a howl Look out the window Find a shadow that calls Close my eyes shut Stay steady Breathing heavy.. Trying to flee while the howling haunts Gathered courage Starting to walk into the dark Where all things except you talk It's like the trees are staring down And the roads push you backwards So no matter how much forward you go You find yourself back at the same place Am I even walking right ? Your heart beats louder than the noiseless night Some car screeches at the background Echoing through the vacuum Is someone hurt ? There are looks in the dark That only books have spoken about There are looks behind you That only sniffing can rat you out The thought of being followed The thought of seeing the shadow of someone you don't want to.. Keep looking Don't be afraid Says the mind While your heart keeps saying Go home, and stay blind throughout the rest of tonight.. Speak to no one until asked Coz weak is never alone to be tasked The door closes on you Wondering why it c


Often when we are ready to start a new life , that is after college , we feel slightly scared .Before this , we were always surrounded by friends , any problem , or any idea to share with , friends always used to be there . So when this time of separation comes in anybody's life , i am sure they feel the twinge of it .I am sure many of you who are reading this will have a reminiscence of this time .The day ,when you know that its the end of your good times ,you feel once again to get a chance to go back to your past and utilize it to the fullest extent .
This Innocent thought had come to me when we had just three months to leave college .I could somehow feel , that life after this is not going to be easier .It was really difficult for me to realize the fact that i will be all alone struggling for my existence without a friend .But i couldn't help ,as everybody have to leave I felt that the innocent bonding which i had with my friend was not less than a bewitched relationship which i feared loosing .

As Time Pass By ............I cherish the day ,

When sitting beside my friend ...i felt "Why This Life Has To End ?"
Innocent Thoughts 56
I had made a wish let the moment lengthen ,

i know not whether my wish was granted .......
But with my friend i felt totally enchanted.

All for a while ........then lifetime Exile ....

Now everything is undergoing a change ,
maybe relationships are of limited Range .
                                             There is bitterness in every taste ,
the time spent together seems to be all waste .
Waiting with eyes laid on the day of separation ,
with a little or rather no sign of desperation .
The Enchantment is loosing its power .....

with no zeal to bloom into a flower .
The magic 's all gone and withered away........

as Farewell to each other we say .

Memories will always be there ........
and you are the one i will always care .

Future is a Truth which we can't skip ,

But Thank You For The Magical Trip

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Sourav said…
One always tends to realize the actual importance of a particular period or person when the same has gone by... so cherish each and every moment...
Innocent Thoughts rocks! :)

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