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Will You Love Me The Same?

If I told you I am older Will you love me the same way If I told you I am a cold person Will you love me the same way If I told you all that I haven't told anyone yet Will you love me the same way If I told you I get depressed pretty often Will you hold me the same way If I told you I cannot impress anyone everyday Will you spend time with me the same way If I told you I can be pretty challenging  If I told you I am aging and there are wrinkles under my skin that I hide with makeup If I told you I am not adjusting and don't talk to anyone if I don't have to If I told you I don't dress up on days and eat cereals from the box in a messy way Will you be with me the same way Are you still listening or you have run away If I told you I don't forget easy And can stalk you for days making you feel uneasy If I told you I can be dangerously hunting insects And can jump in muddy water for hours If I told you I am not afraid of blood And I can fight until I hear the sound go t


This thought is dedicated to my "Tiny " with whom i stayed for 12 long years. I know some people will find it weird , as it was just a dog . But for me it was an important part of our family .She used to love us a lot that too selflessly . I agree when the famous quote says ......

"There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog."

When she left me , i felt such a deep sense of loss , even now i can't forget that day .She will always remain in my memories , like a long lost friend ,who influenced me a lot .

8th Sept 2005 ,10:05pm -day before Tiny left

My dearest , cutest of all Tiny is collapsing with the passing of her age .Since many days she has ceased to eat .Mom had tried very hard to make her eat but in vein.As said when "one wants to embrace death happily , no one can stop ".My Tiny , so bouncy , so frolicsome , full of excitement , used to wait quiet impatiently for her food to be served .She would bark at us , make funny noises as if saying "Hey what ...forgotten me or what ?" . Where have those days gone !!!! sigh ...Why God ?
when one comes to this world has to leave someday , with tears in their loved one's

I will miss you Tiny ......

Tiny and i have spent lot of time together , having fun .She used to dance with me , jump with me , chase me , and used to give me lots of love without any selfish reason. On days when i was in stressful state , sitting beside her told her about my greatest secrets which i fear to tell my close friends too .I knew , that she might not understand me , but used to listen to me as if consoling me and saying "Whatever happens ...i am there with you ".

" They never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation. "

Her eyes are precious and very expressive . Mom usually gets annoyed by Tiny's rowdy habits , mom scolds her all the time ,and she used to listen it bowing down her beautiful ears , and tilting her head a little , as if ashamed of her mischief's.I know mom loves her the most and will miss her like hell , once she is gone .Tiny respects her the most in our family .

Tiny is nothing but a mere dog for the whole world , but she is more than a small sister to me .Yes i know many people don't understand this appreciation , and they laugh , when such things are said . But i should say God of Your most amazing creation are Dogs .For a piece of bread , they give up their lives to their owner's family selflessly and they leave the world so soon."Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really. " Their memories never die , they remain forever and ever ,

God ....if you are listening ...please let tiny live for a couple of years more ..i will just break down ....if she does at this moment .Let her not suffer much pain , if You think she has to leave , then take her with You safely , but don't let her suffer .If You want her to stay longer , then please make her normal as she was earlier , otherwise take her with you.Her condition has become bitter now , she can't see now , please she is a good soul , just make her leave without more agony .

God Thank You ...for giving me such a soul companion to rely upon all these years .I will be grateful to You always . Love you a lot Tiny , you are unforgettable .Hey..... she is still there with me , why am i feeling this way ? .....i will try to make her normal again .....i will take care of you tiny .If fate is positive you will be back to normal , i will keep the faith .

Today Tiny as i said can't see properly , she is limping , so she is hitting her head hard on her bowl .I understand she is sad as well as helpless because once we come to know that we are not able to do something which we were very good at , we start hating ourselves . So...God...i leave it up to you .

9th Sept 2005 ,07:05pm - Tiny left

Tiny left me today .........she went away ......quietly sitting at her usual place ......leaving me all alone .

Everything reminds me of her ...her place , her bowl, her cushion ......

God may her soul rest in peace . She was very humble and a holy being of Yours .

I don't know if i will ever be able to meet her again, i will miss her a lot .....

you were more than just a dog for me , most craziest , most lovely creature on earth.Sorry if i have done anything wrong with you .Tiny, i , Joy (my bro) , mummy , papa , all will miss your presence in their lives . You will always be dear to us .The most elegant , beautiful , charming , and photogenic Tiny .You now will remain in photos only ......
My eyes hunt for you ......every room in our house reflects your absence ...everything here has become lifeless without you .As if they are waiting for you to return and make them all alive again .

I know you will never return ......but your impact
was worthwhile will never fade away ........

Innocent Thoughts Tiny 2

"The more I see of man, the more I like dogs."

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Hi Pratiksha .

its great to see you pen down your thoughts and i must say they are indeed wonderfull ... do continue to write ..

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