Innocent Thoughts When i think about my country "India" , i feel proud as it has developed quite rapidly in years to come .But thinking about poverty , dowry deaths , make me very low ,i till now wonder why these things still exist in my country , so beautiful which has such a rich cultural heritage . This thought came to me when there was a dowry death in my city , during my college days .She used to be our college Lab Assistant . I remember that day , when we went to college , it was declared a holiday , as she was burnt brutally to death by her in laws and her husband . That day i felt that my country should really fight over this brutality .Its not only about my country , there are many harsh realities in this world , which many have to face in their day to day life .Be it death , or be it becoming an orphan ,be it being brutally beaten up by husband ,so on and so forth . So its only some who experience it , while others don't . Just a thought for them that they don't feel disheartened in Life
As they are gifted in God's own special way .

I Don't Know Why

In my mind there are queries I don't know why ,

why every being in this world lives to die ?
If God created this world to exist ,

then why Death , He insists ..?
If children were his innocent creations ,

then why in orphanage there are live cremations?
If men were His most powerful creatures ,

then why most of them act like vultures ?
If Girls were His precious Jewels

then why they are burnt, tortured ,pushed into wells?
These queries are Haunting .......

But the answers i found are quite pleasing .
Where there is Growth ............,

to balance it there has to be Death .

Innocent Thoughts

Those children at a tender age become independent ,

and in future they become amazing as well as responsible Parent .
Those Men are beaten up and cursed in the long run ,

Real men stand for justice and fight for country without any shun.
Girls shouldn't take any kind of torture ,

dowry since long has been eradicated from our culture .

They are gifted by the power to give birth ,

that means they are anyways superior on Earth .
Its the will power which should be strong enough ,

the continuous fight for truth will make you tough .
Though there will be queries keep coming in your mind ,

make sure you make effort to stand up-to the answers that you Find .

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