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2 AM Morning : Haunted Thoughts

I hear a howl Look out the window Find a shadow that calls Close my eyes shut Stay steady Breathing heavy.. Trying to flee while the howling haunts Gathered courage Starting to walk into the dark Where all things except you talk It's like the trees are staring down And the roads push you backwards So no matter how much forward you go You find yourself back at the same place Am I even walking right ? Your heart beats louder than the noiseless night Some car screeches at the background Echoing through the vacuum Is someone hurt ? There are looks in the dark That only books have spoken about There are looks behind you That only sniffing can rat you out The thought of being followed The thought of seeing the shadow of someone you don't want to.. Keep looking Don't be afraid Says the mind While your heart keeps saying Go home, and stay blind throughout the rest of tonight.. Speak to no one until asked Coz weak is never alone to be tasked The door closes on you Wondering why it c

A Child


Childhood is always filled with memories and cute incidents .These incidents once in a while come into our minds which then gets a smile on our face .I am now going to share with you guys an incident which happened to me when i was 4 years old and was studying in KG-2 ,Carmel Convent School ,Rourkela.
I am sure you guys will enjoy this innocent thought of mine , and will try to remember some incidents which really meant a lot to you , when you were ....Just A Kid .

Back then i used to go to school by "rickshaw" ,and my school timing was from morning 8 to 12 in the afternoon .That day too i went to school by rickshaw along with some other kids .I used to be very shy , silent and introvert then ,so i had hardly any friends in the rickshaw because i hardly opened my mouth to talk .
We reached school , and the rickshaw left us as every other day.Unfortunately that day was declared "Rourkela Bandh" and our school was messy with teacher and students running about solving the confusion of "How will students leave safely ..."
On getting to know all this , i was petrified thinking that my rickshaw won't be coming and i will be left all alone in the school .
Just then an Innocent idea struck on my mind ,i planned to walk from school to my house , which i thought was nearby .With this thought i left from school , nobody noticed me as all seem to be in hurry and busy in their own management .I sneaked out with my school bag on my back and holding my water bottle .

Very confidently ,i started my mission , was just recollecting all the landmarks crossed on my way ,while traveling back home by rickshaw .I was not sure of the path , but was too confident to
face the defeat .

In the beginning i walked briskly ,with a convinced pace until i came beside a main road were vehicles were passing by .Had never crossed the road alone till then.Fear had started to overpower my courage then .........

My memory got blank .Poof !!!!!!! ..... I had forgotten the path .....Where am i ?? , was the question which i was asking myself again and again .The whole road was quite desolate with nobody around it was a Bandh .I looked here and there ,jumbled up .....did not know where to go ......

My innocent heart , had given up all its courage and had made its way .Tears started to roll down from my thoughtful eyes a child in distress utters the only word which gives him/her comfort is "Mummy !!!!!" .....I did that ....

Where i was standing there was a locality with three to four houses .As i had started crying with desperation , a woman noticed me from inside her house and came running towards me .I got scared ...but then her voice calmed me down ..she asked "What happened ?"

In dismay ,i burst out ...."Aunty !!!! I Am lost ..." .She was just like an Angel , a Fairy Godmother for me from fairy tales ....
very politely she said "Don't worry my child, do you know your address?"
Out of fear and panic, i couldn't remember my address ,and started to cry helplessly

The humble lady asked me to come home and sit down for some time .I denied , as mom had always advised me never to go were strangers call you .But the irony of the situation was that those strangers were my life time savior .She got to know that i was feeling awkward , she called for her servant and gave me some chilled water to drink .

And wasting no time , she called up 2 fellows from inside the house .They rushed outside , i realized they were her own sons , what else will make them rush so soon ......

They took out my school diary from the school bag and then got my address .The two brothers took out their bike instantly , made me sit between them and like God's messiah ....left me at my door step ...with tingle in my eyes and the great joy to reach my house ........

At that time , i was not able to thank them properly ,because i lacked the will power to know
what is to be done as a small little kid .
But after wards i realized that those three person were not less than God for me
and my family .
Such kind of people are getting lesser in this developing world .God should really be proud abput them and feel that His Creation ie "Human beings " are not all waste some are inestimable and rare as Precious stones .

Wherever they are May they always remain happy and prosper in whatever they do .

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